Estádio Algarve

Louletano DC v Wrexham AFC

Estádio Algarve

Wednesday, 11th July 2018


Bus pick up times for those fans with travel tickets from

Albufeira & Vilamoura for match day and open training click here

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At The Stadium

There will be an outside bar in the Estádio Algarve with draught beers and food. Please note, there are no nearby bars around the stadium the stadium is in the middle of nowhere. No alcohol can be taken into the Stadium. Best get to the ground early if travelling independently .

(Good luck getting back by Taxi!)

This is what it will look like outside after the game

From what I have read outside the ground is not lit up after the match. 

Remember where you get onto your coach. 

Don't expect to be able to get a Taxi easily outside after the match,

they are few and far between if any.

This photo of Estadio Algarve is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Vale Do Lobo 

Professional Football Training Centre in Portugal

Campo Vale Do Lobo

 (FIFA sized grass football pitch)

Tuesday, 10th July.

It was the Wales training camp for Euro 2016

Vilamoura Marina

Vilamoura Marina is a hotspot for celebrity spotting thanks to the high number of celebrities, especially sporting stars, who have holiday homes and properties in the area and they like to come down to Vilamoura Marina. 

The Real Madrid star Cristano Ronaldo has frequently been snapped at the marina in the summer,

 he has a merchandise shop called CR7

Portuguese footballer Luis Figo has a cafe/bar & restaurant on the marina, they're called Figo 7 Cafe (SETECAFE VILLAMOURA) & 7 Figo Decklounge.

Vilamoura Tourism Guide click here

Bars & Clubs in Vilamoura

There are lot's of bars & restaurants in Vilamoura with plenty of them around the marina.

Top 10 clubs and bars in Vilamoura click here

Tours & Things to do

Vilamoura Tours click here

10 best things to do in Vilamoura

July is a hot month on the Algarve. The average daily temperature is around 29 °C. This is an average, of course, which means that temperatures can hit the mid and even late 30s. Be sensible, increase you fluid intake, I don't mean beer or wine!!! I mean drink plenty of WATER and slap on plenty of sunscreen. 

Delgaturis Tourist Street Train

(2 Trains)

If you have children with you or you just want to travel to somewhere in Vilamoura then jump on the street train that travels around here (don't worry about your street cred :), it costs 4 Euro - Adult (Approx £3.50 children are either FREE or half price, pay the driver before you get on) for a 50 minute trip, if you buy a return ticket you can hop on and off wherever you want to around the route, day ticket costs 8 euros hop on and off ticket.


Just ring bell when you want to get off, there are 12 stops. The train sets off at 9.50am from Vilamoura beach (Hotel Vila Gale) and the second train sets off at 10.10am and they run every hour then throughout the day (with a break for lunch). There are 2 trains and hour and they run until 11pm. You can flag the train down wherever you see it and stop it wherever you want to along the route. The journey takes in the Old Village, continues alongside golf courses before wending its way to the beach and then the Marina. It will also go past Jaffe Supermarket and Spar also 2 beaches. Please note: The journey can be bumpy in parts.


Download the UBER app on your phone


Táxis are more expensive on weekends and from 9:00pm to 6:00am.
-Táxis with more than 4 seats are also more expensive.
-You pay an extra 0.80€ when you call a taxi to your destination instead of getting one from the taxi rank, you also pay extra 1.60€ for luggage.
-When you call a taxi from the Hotel reception they probably wont be calling a "legal taxi" they will be calling a limo/transfer service that doesn't have a taxi meter and most of them are not legal, but they pay the hotel reception a percentage of each service they make, so the hotels keep calling them.

-Legal taxis can be identified by the green/black, or yellowish color, 

with the meter visible inside the car. There are also luxury taxis that are identified with the green symbol with the letter "T" on the front and rear bumper, luxury taxis don't have a meter, 

but they have a table with the prices.

Taxi's & Shuttles Vilamoura click here

VILAMOURA TAXI …. (00351) 289 895 799

The main Taxi rank in Vilamoura is situated near the Figo bar end of the Vilamoura Marina. From the marina in Vilamoura take the steps to the right hand side of Figo´s cafe bar next to Häagen–Dazs Ice cream parlour and at the top you will find the Taxi rank in Vilamoura.

ALBUFEIRA Taxi's & Shuttles

Click here for a range of taxi's and shuttles

There are plenty of cash machines all over the Algarve, identified with the 'MB' abbreviation, for Multibanco

You can use them the same as you would at home and you can draw up to 200€ per day. Charges for using your card abroad depend on your own bank so check before leaving. Travellers cheques are expensive to cash so best avoided. Many of the businesses and shops accept credit and debit cards (Visa, Amex, Eurocard, Euro-Cheque, Diners Club and MasterCard).
At the moment 1 Euro = 88p

Shops Restaurants & Services Opening Times
Mostly all services, shops and supermarkets operate:
9am to 7pm from Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. 
Services, restaurants and shops inside shopping Centres tend to operate until later times  (usually 11pm). Restaurants open for lunch around 11 or 12pm and for dinner around 6 or 7pm. 

In case you need assistance you can use the

Algarve Tourist Help Line: (+351) 808 78 12 12.

Local Police & Ambulance - Dial 112 

The Algarve (and the rest of Portugal) has two police forces - the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) and the Polícia de Segurança Pública (PSP). The GNR will deal with most matters, and pass you on to the PSP if necessary.

Useful Telephone Numbers for Vilamoura
Emergency Numbers: Dial 112 for Police, Ambulance and Fire from any phone (free)
 The call will be answered in three languages: Portuguese, English and French.

GNR ( Police) Tel: 289 313 040
Bombeiros (Firefighters) Tel: 289 312 425
Health Centre Tel: 289 314 243
Nearest Hospital Faro Tel: 289 891 100
Red Cross in Faro Tel: 289 899 900
Taxi Rank Tel : 289 321 010
Police Support Services for Tourists Vilamoura Tel : 289 388 989
Tourist Support Services Tel: 808 781 212

Note: Just remember, if you are calling from a foreign mobile phone in the Algarve, Portugal, 

you will need to dial 00351 in front of the numbers here.


Albufeira Tourist Guide click here

Tourist website …. Click here

Albufeira Bars click here

Useful Telephone Numbers for Albufeira

Emergency Numbers: Dial 112 for Police, Ambulance and Fire from any phone (free)
 The call will be answered in three languages: Portuguese, English and French.
GNR (Police)
Faro District Hospital: Tel. 289 803 411
Hospital Distrital de Portimão: Tel. 282 450 300
Bombeiros (Firefighters): Tel. 289 586 333
Health centre - Albufeira: Tel. 289 598 400 (289 588 770 for emergencies) 
Red Cross in Faro: Tel. 289 899 900
Taxi (Rádio Taxis): Tel. 289 583 230
Police support for tourists Albufeira: Tel 289 513 203
Tourist support services: Tel 808 781 212
Note: Just remember, if you are calling from a foreign mobile phone in the Algarve, Portugal, you will need to dial 00351 in front of the numbers here.


Help each other out, especially the fans who are travelling out there on their own,

you're all Wrexham fans at the end of the day.

Most importantly enjoy yourselves and stay safe guys .... Jan Merola
(You can tell I'm a mum ... sorry Fran I had to add that bit ) 


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